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The Hedayat

About Us

Hi my name is Hedayatullah and i am from 17 years in this business field . And this is 18 year old who is Hafizullah Ansari who is dad. I came for stipend Sep 14- 2004. I had completed 7th standard, at that time. I was fresher. Or Journey will be about 17 years. 17 years once would have been a long time to work on any platform. In 18 years, I stuck into one platform, might it is very pure and wise. And this make someone's life out of us.

I was from a very middle class family. And my leather craftsman encounter in 2004 looking at this Business. Which is a business owned by my father. This is craftsmenship coming from forefathers.


I used to hear such business artisans and craftsmen are the magic of artisans. God's gift. I first went to my own factory where 4 people work. Senior Craftsman. I also thought that sometime magic will come in my hands too. One Scratch's ready into beautiful bags and Wallets . Or would it be beautiful? See it like this today. There is magic in my hands too.


In this there is nothing Impossible, if you love, you can achieved it. I started my journey. I was proud to be a part and its very beautiful journey.


In 2014, Again I tried a new bag that was ladies shoulder bag for my sister to present a gift on her wedding. I do completed after 5 days with Leather Pattern cutting, Leather, structure final pattern, hardware, and other materials. But it was biggerin size (which I say it was XXL in size).Hehehe.My interest increased suddenly I received few item to construct from few Exporters I made it which was successful and from there I can do any bags and accessories. Till now I have many orders for bags.

In this I have learned that if you want to increase or expand you can but only thing you need and that is interest. If you loose interest nothing can be there. From My Dad learnt many things, actually this is coming from my grandfather. He established in the village of making small items goods from there i recieved interest for expansion The vision of the organisation is achieve with its goals and strategies. With a vision to be a premier leather goods manufacturing company globally, in terms of customer service and loyalty, by offering customers the very best quality leather goods at the best prices and on time deliveries. And a mission to boost: The Mission is to offer superior raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, skilled manpower to make good quality leather products everytime, ontime. Here is an organisation with a heart that beats on aesthetics and a passion to innovate and excel, that is turbo powered


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is manufacture leather products as a combination of our customers demands and the latest technology in order to offer the best  leather products, and to abide by service and leather quality as the first day of The Hedayat. Durability is in our vision a long-term relationship with nature. Leather is a very strong, durable material which can last a lifetime. As Manufacturer our vısion is to extend our activities across the world, to provide the best leather products in the field and to increase our leather production capacity, and to provide more job opportunities. We are passionate to work with our customers to create masterpieces. The Hedayat believes that the peak has always requires to be strong and never forget it's mission and vision, thats why The Hedayat still developing itself by innovating ideas and increasing it's goals.


Handmade with Unique

For something truly unique, why not contact us to create something bespoke and personalised. Looking for something that reflects your business, or something special for yourself or as a gift, our handmade leather goods can be personalised to create a beautifully crafted item to your specifications.


Name of CEO Mr. Hedayatullah
Year of Establishment 2014
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

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